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The regret of being a slow reader (no spoilers for any book)

I feel tempted, occasionally, to say that I wish I could read faster. Except that it's not true. Not entirely true. I figure by the time I finish book seven, everyone will have chatted and theorized and essayed the thing to death; and any online discussion will have come and gone. I just can't get through my head how some people can plow through a 759 page book in a day (I know one person who shot through it in eight hours). It drives my eyes and my brain crazy if I try and force myself to read farther than I am prepared to. I can only take in so much information at a time, before I need to pause and let my mind process it for a while. What this all means is that, now, at the approach of the one week mark, I'm less than half way through the thing. I don't want to force myself to read it faster and thusly take away from the point of the book, which is to enjoy the experience of reading it.

It's a shame to be behind on any discussions about it though. This one girl at one of the regular dance nights has prodded my to finish it, to get my review. Well it's nice to know that my thoughts and reaction are of interest. It was a happy coincidence that I saw her at the midnight release party at one of the bookstores; I would have been so bored otherwise (no one to hang out with). I was stuck outside the bookstore for the forty minutes leading up to the release, and she helped to pass the time away, just talking. Then I ended up waiting 'til slightly past 1:00 to actually get my hands on the book, as the letter on my ticket was farther along in the alphabet (she was more clever about it, getting her ticket way in advance, so she was out of there much sooner). She told me later on Monday she had finished the book in eight hours, chronicling the passage of time meticulously on paper. How endearingly bookish!

On another topic, a few weeks ago a package came in from the substitute services office. A new copy of the substitute teacher's handbook, and a new pad of job information sheets, to write daily job information. Even though I haven't finished with the old one from the end of last year, the new one was like a message to me: "You're doing fine, we need help filling in the gaps, and we'd like to continue having you on board; welcome back." I feel very encouraged.
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