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Someone special and new

Over the past several months, I've become closer to someone I met at the dance clubs. I always sensed her attention, and ever since I found out more about our shared interests during a friendly late night dinner with a few other friends, things have gradually developed between us. Even as I was rather shallowly distracted by another girl in that crowd, and puzzling through the slow enigmatic entropy between myself and the one who pretended to love me, our friendship has grown.

She really is a wonder to me, the way we have moments where we are thinking the same thing, the way she likes all the stuff that I do yet with her feet still firmly on the ground. In so many ways, she is so much more admirable than the other lady who no longer bothers to talk to me. She has confidence in herself, is upbeat and happy, and realistic. She keeps busy and is astonishingly good at multi-tasking, yet never gives me the feeling that she's too busy to give me attention. Sometimes I catch myself comparing and contrasting her to my previous lady love, but she's just so many light years beyond deserving that sort of evaluation; I end up just thinking about all that's great about her, regardless of the other one. If I had to choose between the two, well, I really wouldn't; I know who I would turn to every time without hesitation.

I like the fact that it's been a gradual thing. And although my curiosity is piqued as to how things will go from where I am now, I don't feel like I need to rush things; this feels so healthy. All that's going through my head transcends a distantly felt relief that I'm not always be going in circles with the other girl; forever on again, off again. I feel like I'm free of a cycle I wasn't sure I would ever escape.
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