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I'm considering something new...

I'm not entirely sure why I've been preoccupied with the desire to make a new start. My journal to this point has mainly been about events in my life, with an intended emphasis on social endeavors. No matter what else happens, it remains a place for me to write about deeper, inner thoughts that I don't want to share with anyone I know in real life. My mind wants to tend towards compartmentalization, and I've been wanting to comment on sci fi and fantasy, books that I've read, movies and television that I've watched (or rewatched and experienced a shift in perspect about).

I've resisted this; for reasons I can't explain it would seem strange to start going into this stuff more, given the tone I've established so far in this journal.

So I've been considering starting a new journal that is more inclusive of these aspects of my life that I haven't been journalling about, yet would like too. And to make it available to my friends in real life. Perhaps it will come to nothing, ultimately. I will continue this journal, but it will remain a place of more private thoughts. For this reason, I have gone through all my entries to make them friends only, in the event that I really decide to follow through.

Please, I would really love to hear any and all input, reactions, critcal response, or suggestions for amended courses of action, no matter what it is.
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